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Legal Consultation

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Our team of real estate lawyers in Dubai advise all stakeholders in the real estate sector to resolve disputes between investors, developers and contractors, residential and commercial tenancy disputes, and others. For any real estate legal requirements, kindly reach out to us via the contact us form, email or phone and our legal advisor will be glad to assist you.

Why Choose Us ?

Our real estate lawyers have in depth knowledge about the UAE law and are aware of the changing and challenging market trends or the challenging market surroundings in the property and real estate market of the UAE. Accompanied by the expert skills of our lawyer we guide the brokers, sellers, landlords, buyers, tenants and developers on all about the real estate matters. Our property lawyers make sure that you make the right choice by providing you with advice that aids you in resolving the disputes.

In particular, we advise and assist in:

Property Investigation

The purchase and sale of a property includes a number of different stages before finalizing the deal between the buyer and the seller. When real estate transactions occur, each side conducts its own title investigation to determine exactly what land is covered by the deed, who really owns it, what easements or liens may exist on the property or in conjunction with the property, and much more. This is a crucial part of the transaction and it is during this time that our team of real estate lawyers verifies and ensures that the data transferred concerning the property is accurate. At White Sand Real Estate Management we have lawyers who can conduct a thorough investigation. Call us today for a free legal consultation to see how you can benefit from our services.

Real Estate Disputes

Our conflict resolution team arms you with a variety of services and tools in association with local trial intervention. Our company has one of the best rental dispute lawyers with great professional skill and experience to offer guidance in all cases of property disputes which includes Rental disputes, Law of contract and more. We understand that most clients prefer to have solved the real estate conflicts and arguments without appealing for trials. However, not all arguments are capable of negotiations and in such cases; we offer complete representation and support.

Our expertise includes:
• Owner and resident conflicts
• Financing acquisitions, transactions, rent recovery from tenants
• Issues regarding property developer
• Property finance issues
• Building agreements, professional appointments, guarantees, acquisition and risk policies
• Property lawsuit and other forms of conflict resolution.

With an in-depth knowledge of the federal and the local law, we promise to deal with your real estate or property related queries and conflicts with great ease.