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Rent a property in Dubai

Challenges of renting property in Dubai

  • Matching expectations and budget

    Most of the tenants find it difficult to get the appropriate value for the rents they pay. Those who find a property they may end up with stiff payment terms. As a result, tenants in Dubai often complain that their budgeted expectations are not met by the property they live in.

  • Finding a property in the right surroundings

    Tenants usually want their property to be situated close to their office or to schools and other facilities. People are willing to pay more to be able to rent a property situated in good surroundings. But this can seem like a challenge for tenants.

  • Communicating with agents

    Finding rented properties may require tenants to regularly contact agents, get updates, and arrange viewings. Many of them feel that this process becomes stressful especially when the agents do not communicate regularly.

  • Schedule viewings without disrupting your work

    With the help of the details provided by our clients, we will search for the best suitable properties that meet the requirements. Then our teams will shortlist the properties and provide our clients with the list of these properties. And then our team will schedule a viewing for the selected properties according to the availability of our client.

  • Negotiating rents

    Every tenant finds it a challenge to go through negotiations on the rental rates. A large number of tenants say that it takes 2-5 business days to complete a negotiation and for some tenants, it could even take over a week.

  • Completing the paperwork

    The tenancy agreement should be drafted in a way that it benefits the tenant as well as the landlord. Our team keeps this in mind and helps in drafting tenancy agreements so that it benefits both parties. Furthermore, both Ejari and DEWA can be completed in the office so you do not have to go anywhere else.

How we address these challenges for you

Our team works closely with you to understand your property requirements and use the existing rental listings to make suitable suggestions according to your needs.

  • Our team will look up properties in surroundings that meet your expectations
  • We help you negotiate the right prices
  • You will be able to reach out to us anytime to discuss your property requirements
  • We will work with you to schedule viewings as per your schedule
  • Our team helps landlords and tenants by completing tenancy agreements on their behalf
  • The whole process is made stress free by helping you strike the right deal faster and at the right price
  • All tenants are screened to reduce hassle for landlords and to ensure that your tenancy period is hassle-free
  • We will help you reach out to landlords for any special requirements or maintenance requests

How it works?

  • Connect with us
    Reach out to us over phone, email, chat, or by visiting our office. We will discuss your tenancy requirements and ask for information like the expected budget, the layout, and the surroundings that you would like to rent a home in.
  • Schedule a viewing
    With these details in mind, we will look up properties that meet these requirements. Our team will send you a list of properties which are most suitable for you. Schedule a viewing for these properties according to the time when you will be available.
  • Negotiate the rent
    We will help you strike a good deal for the property that you are interested in renting. The landlord and your requests will be kept in mind and negotiation will be completed as quickly as possible to benefit both parties.
  • Move in
    We will draw up the tenancy agreement once the negotiations are completed. After signing the agreement, you can move in and enjoy your stay. Any properties managed by our team will be maintained by us too.